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Rt. Hon. Ifeanyi Ugwuanyi
Executive Governor of Enugu State
The Enugu SME Centre in partnership with Autoease Services; a comprehensive Automotive Brand, under its Human Capital Development Loan Scheme has commenced “The Auto Revamp Innovation Training Project” which will empower youths living in Enugu State with training in skills for Auto Refurbishment. After the training program, trainees will be gainfully employed with automotive companies. This is part of the Job Creation objectives of the Enugu SME Centre.

The objective is to engage the Potential, Capacity and Innovative Abilities of young individuals in Enugu State. The program is also geared towards promoting a culture of diligence, dedication and commitment to work amongst youths in the state.

Enugu SME Jobs
What you will learn
24-week intensive program that will cover core skills set in auto refurbishment.
Auto Body Metal Works (Prelim & Advanced)
Auto Body Painting (Prelim & Advanced)
Auto Detailing & Interior Works
Specialized Auto Body Detailing
Auto Body Preps
Enhance knowledge in Industry Safety Practices
How it works

it is easy to get started
Start training at zero cost
Under the Human development Loan Scheme, the Enugu SME Centre gives a "No-interest Training Loan" to cover the 24 weeks training cost.
Get employment
After successful completion of training program, trainees will be gainfully employed in Automotive Companies.
Re-pay at ease
Repayments of the “No- Interest Training Loan” will be made through agreed deductions from their monthly salaries over an agreed number of months.
Become an expert in the field of auto repairs
NB: After the review of online registration details, there will be a notification sent via SMS to shortlisted candidates for a second level assessment.
Please read the FAQs for more information.
Here you can see a sample of some documents used by the previous batches of trainees. The documents include:
  • Human Capital Development Loan Offer Letter
  • Training Attendance Sheet
  • Trainee Code of Conduct Handbook
  • Frequently Asked Questions
  • Letter of Probationary Employment

Program Documents

Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offiah
Special Adviser, SME Development and Investment Promotion Head, Enugu SME Center
Enugu SME Empowering the youth through automotive jobs
By, Hon. Arinze Chilo-Offiah

The Enugu SME Centre is undertaking a project to provide jobs in the state as part of our Youth Empowerment Scheme for Enugu state, powered by Enugu State Government. Through this project, youths are empowered with tools to help them generate additional sources of income by learning skills is the area of Auto works. The Enugu SME centre is committed to supporting startups and SMEs within the State as well as empowering the youths in the state.